Springtide Bright

Springtide Bright

Spring air freshens the slowly greening land,
Gently lifts the veil of winter’s heavy gloom
Flowers arise at the warmth’s command,
As their vibrant colours burst into bloom.

By the breeze, daffodils wave a ‘hello’,
As though in praise for all that grows,
Swaying, in their grateful bands of yellow,
To the warmer Sun, for what it bestows.

Springtide Bright, the morning haze
Giving hope for better days

Hear the birdsong of the thrushes,
Along the cherry blossom-filled lanes,
Calling from within the trees and bushes,
And resounding over verdant plains.

Across the hillside, where distant lambs bleat,
Around snowdrops waiting to be viewed,
The colourful primrose’s scent is sweet,
Mother Nature’s cycle is renewed.

Springtide Bright, the year in dawn
Warmth and light for life, newborn.

by Sam Bartle 
(© Copyright  Sam Bartle 2022)

About the poem:

Published in ‘Duck Duck Mongoose’ and ‘Blue River Review’ poetry journals. This is one of four poems in my ‘Seasons Quartet’, which depict a stereotypical view of each season from a UK perspective.