On Beautiful Sky

On Beautiful Sky

On Earth we share a common tie
In Climate change, as time goes by.

Can we stop it? Will you try?
'Cross your heart & hope to die?'

Believe your promise is not a lie
And swear it here, on Beautiful Sky.

Sky that fills our world with light,
Stars that preside over the night.

All around us, Nature's might
Our globe is such a magical sight.

A responsibility, we must get right
Take action fast, or lose the fight.

Fight against the corporate greed
That prioritises economic need.

Dangers planted by industry's seed
On which shifting weather patterns feed.

Are we capable of taking heed
Of where our pollution is going to lead?

Lead us on to change our ways
So the world on which descendants gaze 

Can be assured of better days
As we decided not to laze,

But to realise the costly price it pays
In failing to act on this climatic phase.

So listen closely to nature's sigh
As fragile ecosystems cry.

Believe your promise is not a lie
And swear it here, on Beautiful Sky.

by Sam Bartle 
(© Copyright  Sam Bartle 2021)

About the poem:

I was inspired to write this after a summer evening stroll through Kings Mill in Driffield.  The sky was clear and bright and I began thinking about climate change.  The words “Believe your promise is not a lie, and swear it here on Beautiful Sky” were the initial hook, on which I built the rest of the poem.  I decided to arrange the stanzas in three rhyming couplets and begin each new stanza with the last word from the previous one.The poem was featured on BBC Radio Humberside’s ‘No Filter’ programme and the line “And swear it here on Beautiful Sky” was selected as part of Luke Jerram’s ‘Of Earth And Sky’ urban poetry exhibition in Scunthorpe (Winner: Best Arts Project – Hearts for the Arts 2022).