Lemon Biscuits

Lemon Biscuits

A forgotten recipe, hidden. It’s archived,
And I’m not so accustomed to baking.
But if this delicacy should be revived,
It’s a risk worthwhile in the taking.

In 1754, it was written down,
So it must be a Biscuit of interest.
Lovingly made in an East Yorkshire town,
Baked with plenty of Lemon zest.

The recipe instructions are quite short,
But I can only give this a try.
Keep it authentic, but at last resort,
I may just have to modify.

Onto the task. Ingredients in hand,
With eggs, Lemons, sugar, and flour.
Impossible, that this could ever taste bland,
After all, Lemons are, very sour.

To create a texture of Crunch and Crumble,
This must be the ultimate aim.
A fanciful treat makes the stomach rumble,
An old biscuit of great acclaim.

Whisked it together for a sweet smelling mix.
Assigned it to the oven tray.
Tested it by giving the spoon a few licks,
Looks like things are going my way.

Yet, just as it was working so neat,
Events took an unfortunate turn.
The mixture spent too long in the heat,
And decided to thoroughly burn.

That first attempt was poor indeed,
Well I’ll just give it another go.
This time around maybe it will succeed,
Or be messed up twice in a row.

But, wait, it worked with no mistake,
And was worth the decision to risk it.
For a good old-fashioned style of bake,
A beautiful Lemon Biscuit.

I think that it’s great, as I munch,
The tastiest I ever knew.
Although it hasn’t got any Crunch,
It’s more like one that you Chew.

So, yes, it was fun to be able to see,
What was eaten in times before.
But it’s so much easier for people like me,
To get biscuits from a grocery store.

by Sam Bartle 
(© Copyright  Sam Bartle 2021)

About the poem:

Written for The High Wolds Poetry Festival 2021 and published in the collection to mark that event. The theme was ‘Food’, so I chose to write about an old biscuit recipe that I’d attempted during lockdown a year earlier!