Broken Sleep

Broken Sleep

Midnight dark let me dream of joy
Free me from my dismay,
From troubled thoughts and their employ,
That I might rise and shine today.

Do we shine to be seen,
Or to light the way of others?
Laud ourselves on a screen
For our sisters and our brothers.

Wherein the turquoise mines
Serabit migrants left their note,
Now we pen weary lines
But who will care for what we wrote?

The solace to be found in sleep
Brings comfort to the mind –
Forgotten dreams, we cannot keep,
Nor need to know their kind.

Moments, stretched, between the twilight
Reflecting on our sins.
Comes the end of the night,
And so the day begins…

by Sam Bartle 
(© Copyright  Sam Bartle 2022)

About the poem:

First published in 2022 by Lothlorien Poetry Journal.